Posted by: kezhong | September 17, 2008

Thanks for help from the teachers

I heard from my friend that Seneca College is very good. So I decided to select the Linux program and apply it on Sep 1, 2008. After the test, I was accepted. I started the course on Sep 11, 2008. 

The first thing I should do is familiar with the environment. Because I has been absent for three days, I found there are many things need to be done. Initially, I didn’t know where I should start. I  receiced the remind message from my teacher that I should finish my homework, but I didn’t know.

The teachers are very nice and helpful. Mr. Selmys led me to bring my ID card, open my Seneca account and open this blog account. He told me how to surf the Seneca website and how to use the resource. All these are very helpful for me. The recent work for me is catching up with the course as soon as possible.



  1. have checkouted almost all your blog.
    knows your progress in linux.
    choosing a suitable college is important,you got it.

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