Posted by: kezhong | November 14, 2008

V0.2 Release – Add IPV6 Support to Condor

Installation and configuration of Condor on the laptop(Fedora 9)

I finally installed and configured Condor on my laptop successfully. I submitted jobs on the Condor and the Condor worked well. The following is my steps.

I downloaded the Condor package from the web site, the package name is condor-7.0.5-1.fc9.i386.src.rpm. When I compiled it, it reminded me of lacking several packages. I used yum command to install the packages required and installed it on the laptop.

Then I wanted to configure my laptop as central manager, the command as below:

/usr/sbin/condor_config –install –type=execute,submit,manager –local-dir=/home/condor

It occurred errors that missing release directoies sql and man. I searched these two directories in my laptop. I found sql directory is in the /usr/share/planner and man directory is in /usr/kerberos. I used symbolic link command to link them to the release directory. I configured again, successful!!!

I wrote a small program in C, file name is simple.c stored in /home/condor directory(Code is as below) and compiled successfully.

#include <stdio.h>

main(int argc, char **argv) {

int sleep_time;

int input;

int failure;

if (argc != 3) {

printf(“Usage: simple <sleep-time> <integer>\n”);

failure = 1;

} else {

sleep_time = atoi(argv[1]);

input = atoi(argv[2]);

printf(“Thinking really hard for %d seconds…\n”, sleep_time);


printf(“We calculated: %d\n”, input * 2);

failure = 0;


return failure;


I created a submit file named simple.sub as below.

Universe = vanilla

Executable = simple

Arguments = 4 10

Log = simple.log

Output = simple.out

Error = simple.error


I submitted the job using command condor_submit

$condor_submit simple.sub

I checked the queue(condor_q command), it successfully run. I checked the simple.out file, the calculate result is there. Wow!

Installation and configuration of Condor on X86_64 system(Fedora 9)

I installed Condor on X64_86 system with three methods. The first method is that download and install the rpm package. The second one is that download the src rpm package, compile and install it. The third one is that using the yum command. The effect is the same. They all lack of two release directories sql and man when I configured the Condor. Not like my laptop, I cannot find them in another directories. Comparing with my laptop, I found that the X86_64 lack of planner package. Then I installed the planner package, and I could configure the Condor.

I compiled the simple.c, created the submit file simple.sub as above section, and submitted the job. But it didn’t work. I am looking for the resolution now.


The installation package of Condor does not consider the dependency of planner package. We need to manually install planner package and symbolic link the sql and man directories to the Condor release directories.



  1. Steven,

    Wonderful to see you using Condor!

    It might be helpful to know that when you yum install Condor you get all the programs you need to run a Condor Pool and a default configuration. The default configuration sets up what is known as a Personal Condor, basically a pool of one machine. You shouldn’t have to run condor_install at all, and if you do you’ll likely run into the problems you had. You can just play with ~condor/condor_config.local.

    As for the planner and kerberos dependencies, you probably just happened to find sql/ and man/ directories there. It’s a red herring.

    Nice work so far!

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