Posted by: kezhong | November 20, 2008

LPT730 — Lab 8

Part 1 Take images from a digital camera and save them on a CD or DVD as a slide show

Take images from a digital camera

I connected my digital camera with my laptop which OS is Fedora 9. Then launched  F-Spot Photo Manager(Applications–>Graphics–>F-Spot Photo Manager).


Click Import button, it pop-up another form. Select your digital camera from Import Source, and click Import button.


Select your desired photos and click Copy button to copy them to locate disk.

Save photos on a CD or DVD as a slide show

Prepare a blank CD or DVD. Select the photos you want to save, then click Photo–>Export to–>CD. They will be burned to CD or DVD


Correct red eye skill

You can use GIMP tool to correct red eye on your pictures. First launch it by click Applications–>Graphics–>GNU Image Manipulation Program. Open the picture you want to correct. Use rectangle tool to select the red eye.

Click Filters –> Enhance –> Red Eye Removal


Adjust the scroll bar to correct the eye’s color.


Then correct the other eye’s color, the final picture is as below.


Part 2 Create a mosaic portrait

Firstly, install metapixel software.

#yum install metapixel

Secondly, I collected 230 animal pictures from the Internet stored in the pics directory. Make another directory named picsch for storing the converted pictures. Convert animal pictures as follow.

$metapixel-prepare pics picsch

Thirdly, used a picture as original to make the mosaic picture.

$metapixel –metapixel -m wavelet -e local -w 8 -h 8 –library picsch girl_org.jpg girl_mos.png

The result is as below. The left is an original picture, the right is mosaic.

Original photo Photomosaic



  1. hey, who’s the girl? ur new girl friend? ;-p

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