Posted by: kezhong | November 30, 2008


Installing FreeBSD 7 as a VM Guest on Fedora 8

Firstly, I installed the Virtual Machine Manager software, and run it.

#yum update

#yum install libvirt virt-manager

#service libvirtd start

Secondly, I used fdisk to make only one partition on /dev/sdb and mark its type to freebsd(a5).Insert freebsd 7 install CD, from the Applications/System Tools menu start virt manager Install FreeBSD 7.


After made partition, it began to install.


After installed, I did some necessary configuration manually. Then it began to do configuration and add packages.


Finally, I started the FreeBSD 7 server, and did some tests.

  1. #ssh joker@ //it worked

  2. startx //it worked

  3. run sysinstall //display as below



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