Posted by: kezhong | December 4, 2008

V0.3 Release – Add IPv6 Support to Condor

Setup Development Environment

Install Fedora 9 for X86_64 on the virtual machine of China system(Named condor1)

Install git

#yum install git

Download the source codes of Condor 7.0.5 using git

$git clone git://

Create a new branch

$cd mrg-grid

$git branch

$git branch -a

$git-checkout -b steven origin/V7.0.5

Modify the configure file

$cd config


Increase two lines “# elif defined(IS_GLIBC28)” and “define GlibCFlag -DGLIBC=GLIBC -DGLIBC27=GLIBC28”

$git status

$git-commit -a

Install Condor

    $cd ../src

    $./build_init //–OK

    $./configure –disable-gcc-version-check –disable-glibc-version-check –disable-full-port –enable-proper //–Fail

    #yum install libpqxx libpqxx-devel csh

$./configure –disable-gcc-version-check –disable-glibc-version-check –disable-full-port –enable-proper //–OK


$make release

Watch one of the source code

$cd /home/kliang10/mrg-grid/src/condor_submit.V6

$vi submit.C


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