Posted by: kezhong | December 12, 2008

LPT730 Assignment 2 — Video Editing and Converting

I had tried to use kino to edit and convert the video file several times in the Ireland machine, but it crashed each time. So I selected the method using the command ffmpeg2theora. The following is the steps:
#ffmpeg2theora -c 1 /home/michal/mozilla/”Day 1 – 345pm_Multimedia” -o Day1-345pm.avi
#ffmpeg2theora -V 128 -c 1 /home/michal/mozilla/”Day 1 – 345pm_Multimedia” -o Day1-345pm-128kb.ogv
#ffmpeg2theora -V 564 -c 1 /home/michal/mozilla/”Day 1 – 345pm_Multimedia” -o Day1-345pm-564kb.ogv
#ffmpeg2theora -v 10 -c 1 /home/michal/mozilla/”Day 1 – 345pm_Multimedia” -o Day1-345pm-orig.ogv
Videos were converted to the following formats using the above commands:
* OGG Best Quality (native size)
* OGG Broadband Quality (564 Kbps)
* OGG Low Quality (128 Kbps)
* MPEG-4 AVI Medium Quality (564 Kbps)


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