Posted by: kezhong | February 28, 2011

Build a 40TB storage server on Fedora 14

On A890GXM-A mother board, we plugged 1 RocketRaid 2720, 1 Silicon Image 3114 and 2 Silicon Image 3132 cards. There are 5 ports on the mother board, 8 ports on RocketRaid 2720, 4 ports on Silicon Image 3114, and 2 ports on Silicon Image 3132. So there are totally 21 ports can connect with hard drivers. We used one of them to connect to a SSD(32GB) as system drivers, the others connected to 2TB Seagate hard drivers. The following are the pictures.

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I unplugged the RocketRaid 2720 card, and then installed Fedora 14 on SSD(Solid State Drive). After installing, I updated the system.
# yum update -y

I shutdowned the system, plugged the RocketRaid 2720 card, and powered on the system.

Download and build the RocketRaid 2720 driver. As for building driver, you can reference Howto: Build Linux Kernel Module Against Installed Kernel w/o Full Kernel Source Tree.
# cd /tmp
# mkdir rr272x
# cd rr272x/
# wget
# tar xvzf rr272x_1x-linux-src-v1.0-091230-1401.tar.gz
# cd /tmp/rr272x/rr272x_1x-linux-src-v1.0/product/rr272x/linux/
# make
# make install
# modprobe -l |grep rr272x
# modprobe rr272x_1x
I appened “/sbin/modprobe rr272x_1x” to the file /etc.rc.local, so it can automatically load at next boot system.

Download and install web management for RocketRaid 2720
# wget
# tar xvzf WebGUI-Linux-v1.4-14-100917.tgz
# rpm -i hptsvr-https-1.4-14.X86_64.rpm

From another machine which has Firefox, input https://[storageserverip]:7402 on the address of Firefox. Login name is RAID, and password is hpt. After entering the web management, initialize 8 hard drivers, and set jBOD for every disks.

Finally, check the disks, there are 21 disks!
# ls /dev/sd?
/dev/sda … /dev/sdu


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